Ice Cream Love... What's Not To Love?


The new Magnum Pint has launched in Australia and presents us with a whole new way to indulge in a luxurious and playful way of course.

Each Magnum pint contains generous shards of Magnum chocolate hidden amongst layers of vanilla ice-cream, all encased within a delicious Magnum chocolate shell, intentionally made to be broken. I loved the thick disc of chocolate on top of the ice-cream and after smashing into it with a spoon decided to kick back on the sofa and watch my favourite film on Netflix. This pint of ice-cream was the perfect companion after a long day of work.

The Magnum pint comes in three delicious flavours – Classic, Almond and White. Almond is my absolute favourite at the moment! I love the combination of savoury nuttiness and decadent vanilla goodness. A must-try! 




Photography & Styling: Li-Chi Pan

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