Snorkelling in Hawaii.

Aloha from Honalulu!

I've always been petrified of the open waters as I have an unexplainable phobia of sharks. Don't ask me why. Took a hell lot of convincing from my brother to finally get me in the water. My brother is the polar opposite of me. Complete opposite. He absolutely loves the open water (love being an understatement in this context). He got his advanced certificate in scuba diving and has been trying to persuade me to get my license for the longest time (still doubt i'll go through with that - snorkelling is about as far as i'll go for now). I've always struggled with diving deep into the water as I somehow end up floating back up after two seconds. So this time round my brother actually taught me how to nose dive deeper into the waters to look at the vibrant coloured coral reefs and fish. I felt way more at ease having the guy by my side and keeping me calm from my occasional panic attacks in the water, haha! 

We also decided to put his new GoPro4 to test as his GP3 battery failed on us and here were the final results! Loved how crystal clear some of these images came out! Enjoy & much love from the Li's.

Photography: Li-Zen Pan | Li-Chi Pan