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I grew up in South Africa, Johannesburg to be quite exact- otherwise more informally known as 'Jozi' or 'Joeys' by the locals and was blessed to have been raised by my folks in the suburbs. Whilst getting to school meant having to wake up at 06:00 as the drive was almost 45 minutes away I still loved my humble abode. I had never really experienced living in the chaotic CBD area until I moved out of home to study abroad in Sydney. 

Living in the CBD was initially an extremely daunting thought - the thought of being surrounded by constant noise and light pollution as well as plenty of busy pedestrians was an overwhelming thought to me. I grew up in a quiet neighbourhood surrounded by beautiful purple streets laced with Jacaranda trees and was a little hesitant when I made the big move to Australia. However, after moving into Central Park I quickly realised the convenience of city living. Meeting up at café's for client meetings as well as being a mere ten minute drive away from work and being able to wake up at a humane hour was something I found to be a pleasant surprise. The thick glass windows in my building prevented noise pollution from entering my home and I felt a sense of nostalgia waking up behind walls of greenery. One of the many reasons I have grown to love living in the city is ultimately the convenience it has brought to my life as it is well-connected to all public transport hubs with easy access to Kensington Street and Old Clare Hotel.

Having recently been invited to the grand opening of Central Park's final release I was extremely excited to check out this modern-day wonderland inspired design. Having recently graduated from my Masters of Architecture I had a few friends from FJMT working on this 13 storey curvaceous and sculptural apartment building. It's always exciting seeing new and innovative architectural designs being constructed around the city. I couldn't feel more proud to be living in a city so heavily inspired by modern and chic design.



Ext  erior Render  of Final Central Park release

Exterior Render of Final Central Park release

Exterior Render of Final Central Park release

Exterior Render of Final Central Park release

Building Designed by FJMT-

Building Designed by FJMT-

Sales suite Alice In Wonderland inspired tea party

Sales suite Alice In Wonderland inspired tea party





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