I decided to drop by Glider cafe located on the food haven that is Kensington Street. I've always loved this quaint and charismatic space - it's the perfect spot to drop by for a quick coffee or to work in. With its minimal, gold accents and intricate tableware it's hard not to fall in love with this charming, little cafe.

I was lucky enough to meet Anthony upon entering the cafe- who shied away from the camera. However, I managed to sneak in some behind-the-scenes shots whilst he was making coffee and was pleasantly surprised to learn that he was the current owner of the cafe. Anthony developed several Thai-inspired dishes with his wife.
The extensive menu offers some extremely beautifully plated dishes from the Thai Milk tea French toast to the Kimchi Chicken burger. There are both savoury and sweet dishes for all. Looking forward to trying more of this menu! Thank you again for having us.

1) How did you get into the café business? What inspired you to get involved?

Working as barista for 15years, cafe always been my second home, maybe I spend more time behind  coffee machine then my bed. So, of causes I have strong passion for coffee but always inspired by customers friends family who enjoys my service.

2) How did you get kick started in the coffee business?

Collecting ideas by talking to customers. Try to understand current trend by traveling and reading. Good opportunity came and I caught it straight away. Without thinking to much.

3) What would a normal day look like for you?

I wake up early and sleep late, I don't know because it's coffee but I can function perfect with out much sleep. Nowadays I spend most of my day documenting ideas and next plan, reading books about coffee plantation.

4) Why Sydney? What draws you to the Sydney coffee & food scene?

Being multicultural city like Sydney, gives you great opportunities to enjoy different types coffee and food with in short travel distance. I always wanted Asian infused food with great cup of coffee served under same hood. I know that lot of them tried and fail. I will make that happen in Sydney.

5) The food at your cafe is incredible! Who comes up with beautiful, picture perfect (or should I say Instagram worthy) dishes? 

Aren't we all like to be unique but not too much? Lucky that I had chance to travel around the world, my normal thinking and seeing things bit different from others. I give my ideas to my chef and he makes it happen. He hates it sometimes and but most of time he loves the out come.


6) Do you have any advice for people who are looking at starting or running their own business?

Keep in mind that your business should support your life and your life style not the other way around. Knowing but not doing and Not knowing at all is different. Let's know about it and let's do it!

Photography: Li-Chi Pan & Vinh Pham


26 Kensington Street
Chippendale NSW 2008

 0401 438 883

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