The Hermès On The Beach event in Sydney’s Carriageworks this year was without a doubt one of the best events I have ever attended. The raw and rustic textures of Carriageworks was the backdrop into a private beach party. 

I remember glancing at the invite and noticed that the dress attire for the evening was stated as 'barefoot.' I was curious as to what Hermès had up their sleeves to this years grand beach event.

Dressed by Manning Cartel with a fitting Hermès bracelet to complete my outfit, the shoe concierge greeted me upon my arrival and kept my shoes safe and sound for me as I walked through a colourful graphic passageway before entering the main room greeted by whimsical art installations—floating inflatable seahorses, waiters dressed in vintage t-shirts, and a DJ situated on a diving board! The night truly left me in complete awe.

I was transported into a world of organised chaos and I can say that with complete confidence this event will be a hard one to top! What an absolutely perfect start to the year. 

Bravo Hermès. You did it, once again ;)! 



Event, FashionLi-Chi Pan