Just dropping in with a quick update from my latest trip to Hong Kong. Despite having visited this city before, it was a little different this time round, as I was travelling with my best friend. Travelling with your significant other is an acquired skill! Haha! ;)

Upon our arrival in Hong Kong we found ourselves stripped of our 9 to 5 jobs, social commitments, gym memberships and all of our other day to day distractions which normally would have allowed us to have time apart. I felt pretty lucky to explore all of the local Hong Kong eateries with Vinh. He'd visited not too long ago - and was excited to show me a side of Hong Kong which I had never experienced. From eating the best beef brisket at a small local joint to queuing up for the best pineapple buns and roast goose in town - I was astounded at how incredible the food scene was in Hong Kong! 

Check out my travel tips below on a quick guide during my short stay in HK!



This is a hotel that just works with its charming staff, efficient operations and luxurious rooms. The excellent location with direct access to the Pacific Place mall is a bit of an added bonus too! The nearby gardens are a real oasis and a great place to relax in what is a very busy and dynamic environment. Another highlight of this hotel is that It is really close to the Peak railway station.

A special mention to the brilliant breakfast service! I couldn't help myself to a beautiful breakfast in bed spread! I ordered a western and asian breakfast spread!

Shangri-La Island also kindly arranged my transport to and from the airport to the hotel. The drivers were all so professional. I'll really miss my stay at this beautiful hotel and look forward to being back soon! 



Address: Pacific Place, Supreme Ct Rd, Central, Hong Kong

Phone: +852 2877 3838

Website: Click Here



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