Unveiling Pallas Collective

We were lucky enough to work alongside Pallas Collective in launching their newest collection of bridal gowns. We've long admired designs of Sydney-based Pallas Couture with their careful attention for detail and customisation so when we heard that Pallas Collective was launching as an accessible and attainable collection for the everyday girl we were extremely excited to help with the creative in shooting and styling their latest bespoke collection. 

These gowns feature the finest embellishments and lace details. We were left in awe at the craftsmanship involved in the creation of a single bridal gown.

We took a quiet moment to catch up with the extremely talented Philippa Morris the mind behind Pallas Collective on her thoughts and advice to brides-to-be.

1) How long have you been working with Pallas Collective and Pallas Couture for? 

As the daughter of Joy, the owner, I have been there from the beginning. However I have become much more involved in the past year, with the launch of our ready-to-wear collection. 


2) How would you describe your newest collection for Pallas Collective? 

We wanted to take some elements of our much-loved couture gowns and a create a collection with a less serious - but no less special - vibe. We explored how different textures work together by softening the clean lines of our silk crepe gowns with delicate laces and tulles, and incorporating multidimensional floral laces. Each gown, from our slim-fitting to fuller styles, have all been designed to highlight the body- Our slim-fitting gowns have a magical ability to hug the figure in the most flattering way, and even our  fuller styles have a beautiful drape that softly outlines the figure underneath. 


3) What was the inspiration behind your latest collection and how does a collection start for you? 

We often begin with a feeling and mood that we want to evoke. For this collection we wanted to capture a sense of youthful spontaneity and ease whilst staying true to the overall aesthetic of the brand, which has always been feminine and luxurious with modern lines. 

We’re always inspired by our brides, and are amazed at how each one of them breaths new life and personality into our dresses.


4) How long does each garment take to design and make from beginning to end? 

The dresses have a sense of lightness and ease, but a lot of work and construction is involved to make them appear effortless! Despite being ready-to-wear the dresses are not mass produced and are hand crafted by our couturiers in Australia - each dress is limited edition to ensure our brides feel special and one-of-a-kind on their wedding day. We are aiming to update the collection with new styles every three months.


5) Any tips for brides picking a dress for their special day? Why Pallas Collective? 

Do your research before coming in to know what shapes suit you and don't feel compelled to try on every single dress just for the sake of it, otherwise it ends up being too overwhelming. Having said that, it’s also good to keep an open mind - you might end up being pleasantly surprised when trying a dress that you wouldn't have thought to try! Your bridal stylist will be able to guide you into the right styles for your shape. 

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Special thank you to Therese Moussa & Ramsey Choker for the beautiful location & florals, Vivien's Model Management and the incredible makeup and BTS team - we loved working with you all and couldn't have done it without each and everyone of you. 

Photography & Creative:  @lichipan
Model: @alexandra_patience & @zoe_thomson_
Makeup & Hair: @thanhtheman
Florals: @thegroundsfloralsbysilva
BTS: @arvinisstarvin & @bulletproofing

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