La Prairie's Caviar Cream Remastered Review

I recently decided to try out La Prairie’s new incarnation: Skin Caviar Luxe Cream Remastered. A cream that offers a never-before-seen lifting and firming. The iconic cobalt blue jar features geometric lines inspired by the Bauhaus movement. The coloured glass jar is topped with a polished silver cap evoking a sense of luxury and precision.

Launching in 1987, La Prairie chose to use Caviar Extract, drawn from the rich depths of the sea, to infuse skin with the very source of life. After using this remastered cream just once I immediately noticed a visible difference with my skin texture. It felt toned and supple.

The look and feel of the whole package combined with the silky feeling of the cream and the silver spatula made my normal skin routine feel more like a spa treatment!

In order to bring the experience of Caviar Premier to the public, La Prairie will be executing a pop up space for you to indulge and experience this brand and embrace its heritage. Pop by Pitt Street Mall in Westfield Sydney a visit over the next three weeks to have a little pamper session and learn about this incredible product.


$880 for 100ml or $485 for 50ml 


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