Day 1: Winter in South Australia

This was my second time visiting Adelaide and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I had been wanting to plan a girls trip for quite sometime but had put it off - so when the opportunity arose to visit - I couldn’t say no! I decided to leave behind the busy city of Sydney and felt so refreshed after a wintery weekend away in the great outdoors with a few of my favourite faces.

South Australia is a state in the southern central part of Australia. It covers some of the most arid parts of the country. With a total land area of 983,482 square kilometres, it is the fourth-largest of Australia's states and territories by area, and fifth largest by population!

We rugged up at Mount Lofty House as well as Mayfair Hotel in Adelaide for 3 nights in total and visited some beautiful vineyards during out quick stay! See what we got up to on our first night away in South Australia!

Let’s Go Down the Rabbit Hole

We love wine. We love making it, tasting it and drinking it, and we are passionate about the art of winemaking. We’ve created a series of wines, each of which are exactly what we look for in a perfect bottle.

Our vineyard is located in McLaren Vale, where we enjoy the complexity of the amazing maritime climate. Warm summer days are cooled by evening sea breezes, and our rich soils deliver full flavours in the grapes.

On the back of every bottle is a poem, and each hand sketched label represents a different line. We want the experience to begin before you even open the bottle, and not to end until the last drop has been had, and you, happy and content, are exhausted from dancing, laughing, talking, drinking or eating, or perhaps all of these together.

A big congratulations to Domenic & Elise on the official opening of Down the Rabbit Hole! What an incredible evening filled with beautiful people, food, wine & plenty of laughter!

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