Pandora | The Lion King

Pandora celebrates Disney’s “The Lion King,” directed by Jon Favreau, with the new Disney x Pandora jewellery collection. Launching in July 2019, the collection welcomes the beloved characters back to the big screen with distinctive pieces designed to give you a way to showcase your fond connection to the classic story.

Created to encourage everyone to let their style roar, the beautiful film-inspired collection features a bracelet and selection of silver and Pandora Shine charms, including a stunning limited edition Simba charm. Designed to be worn separately or combined to create a truly stunning look, each piece is shaped by the film’s breathtaking setting, unforgettable music and the spirit of the characters we fell for 25 years ago.

The collection celebrates the themes reflected in the film: bravery, empowerment, curiosity, strength, wisdom and friendship. Knowing that every piece of jewellery is infused with meaning and memory, Pandora invites you to merge personal style choices with a love of Disney’s “The Lion King”.

I feel extremely lucky to have celebrated my friendship with two of the most inspiring women I know in the industry - Therese Moussa as well as Charli Burrowes - both leading stylists in the industry who celebrated the launch of Disney’s Lion King x Pandora collection.

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