Hamilton Island Sunsets.

I've been focusing on myself for a while and I have to admit that it's the greatest my spirits have felt to date. Having made the difficult decision to step away from a three year relationship towards the end of last year I had to remind myself that moving on was all a part of the bigger picture. It's been almost eight months and I feel as if i'm only growing into myself and truly becoming the self I envisioned. I'm still healing and hopefully a few months from now i'll get to where I need to be and eventually become who I need to be. As my favourite poet Oscar Wilde once said, 'to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance...' Learn to surround yourself with people who elevate and support you unconditionally and most importantly learn to just love yourself so that you know what you truly deserve, :). 



White Lace Kimono  & Butternut Biscuits Lace Bodysuit: Stellys

Photography: Li-Chi Pan