Postcards from Te Ho Ho rock.

New Zealand has always been on my bucket list of places to visit and this trip finally materialised this year thanks to Flight Centre Australia as well as Tourism NZ. I got accustomed to waking up at almost 5am everyday to catch sunrise with the incredibly talented landscape photographer, William Patino, who taught me to appreciate a beautiful golden sunrise. In the five days spent in New Zealand every sunrise and sunset was so different and so unique in its own way I learnt to fall in love with its uncanny and unpredictable nature. 

We paid two visits to Te Ho Ho rock. Once to catch sunrise and the following day to catch sunset. Both trips were quite a different kind of experience. Having done the first by canoe and the latter by foot - I immersed myself in both experiences and allowed myself to completely forget about the stress of capturing the moment and instead focus on getting lost amongst the crashing champagne waves that covered the sand between my toes and appreciate the grand scale and enormity of Grand Cathedral Cove.