Feria de Abril

Feria means fair in English and is a week-long event celebrated at a different time of year for each city and town, primarily in the south of Spain. Like most things in Spain though, it is steeped in a distinct tradition all on its own. Here’s my quick guide that covers some of the more unique and traditional aspects to get you into the spirit of things!

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Wearing Alohas. Custom flamenco gowns can be ordered here.

To get into the festive spirit i’d suggest getting a flamenco gown. You can opt to get one made or purchase a local one in the town centre of Seville. I’d be lying if I didn’t say the traje is a significant part of the experience!

The dresses are quite expensive, most natives have at least two or three and rotate them throughout the week! You can also hit up Humana (the Goodwill or Salvation Army of Spain) during feria season and you’re bound to find something south of 100€.

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Flamenco traditional dance is relatively hard! We took a class in the morning before heading to the Feria and had an absolute ball dancing at the festival!

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Bring Comfortable Shoes & Spare Change of Clothes

I decided to opt for a second outfit change which was a clever idea as the weather can get really hot at the feria. I’d advise going around 5pm when the sun isn’t at it’s peak. Bringing spare clothing and dancing the night away whilst eating local Spanish food is the best!

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Li-Chi Pan