GLOSSIER Review: What's Worth It & What's Not

I know it's quite shocking to admit this, but up until now, I hadn't really tried Glossier makeup. Whilst in New York I went into the store and purchased a whole bunch of stuff. Paying homage to the brand's ethos—makeup that lets your skin look like skin I decided to get the following:

  • Glossier Birthday Blam Dot Com | Mango Balm Dot Com | Balm Dot Com

  • Glossier Milky Oil (Waterproof Makeup Remover)

  • Glossier Lip Gloss

  • Lash Slick

  • Nite Shine Highlighter

  • Glossier Boy Brow

If there's one low-maintenance, easy-to-apply makeup brand that'll get me to apply makeup before heading off to work: it's Glossier. The lip balms and lip gloss feels good to apply and stays on your lips for hours without feeling weighty whilst Lash Slick gives your lashes a very natural and feathery look. I was shocked at how much I loved Boy Brow! My brows filled up, stayed in place all day and feathered our really well. It’s my current holy-grail item and I would highly recommend trying this one out! The Milky Oil makeup remover - I could skip on

The Nite Shine Highlighter is a highlighter with depth. Made with a refined pearl powder formula this buildable concentrate creates an illuminating, foil-like finish that sets and lasts. 

Milky Oil is optimised for targeted application on eyes and lips—and comes in handy to wick away mistakes made when applying makeup. This product wasn’t my favourite as i’ve tried Micellar formulas for cheaper which work just as well.

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