Bling Bling Lattes in New York

When I heard about the glitter latte I was in complete disbelief and had to check it out with my cousin. We decided to pop by during the week and as soon as we arrived we asked if we could try the ‘bling bling honey latte’, the pomme lychee ade, the rose garden egg waffle, the rose & apple dessert and the sweet fantasy honey toast.

Each dish was so beautifully and intricately plated we couldn’t help but stare in awe as our glittery latte’s arrived. For the amount of images you end up taking the price is definitely worth it! ;) I loved the friendly service and appreciated the amount of time which went into serving the dishes in a quick, orderly fashion.

If you would like to try some creatively as well as tasty plated dessert give this place a visit. It’s a very unique experience and one which you won’t want to miss out on!