PANA CHOCOLATE : The Recipes Launch

Pana Chocolate celebrated the launch of his first ever recipe book 'Pana Chocolate: The Recipes’. Founder Pana Barbounis and Head Chef Amber Roche held a delicious morning tea at Andrew Boy Charlton Poolside Cafe last week! I was fortunate enough to attend the event and was invited into the kitchen to roll, pipe, and garnish recipes from the recipe book. I got to make lamingtons, donuts, and cannoli. The cookbook features a collection of sixty desserts which are raw, organic, refined sugar free and dairy-free! 

Whoever could have thought desserts could guilty free? ;) 


Pana Barbounis, Founder of Pana Chocolate.

Pana Barbounis, Founder of Pana Chocolate.

Photography: Vinh Pham & Li-Chi Pan
Location: Andrew Boy Charlton Pool, Sydney

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