Land Rover Polo In The City

Sydney's Centennial Parklands welcomed international polo players to the annual Polo in the City event hosted by presenting sponsor, Land Rover. This was my first polo match which I was lucky enough to have attended. We enjoyed an afternoon of aperitifs and canapés and got a preview of some of Land Rover’s latest range of cars. It was predicted to rain but we were lucky enough to have incredible warm weather for the entire afternoon!

Thank you to the amazing team at Land Rover and Spark for a fun afternoon!

Lichipan x LandroverPolo-41.jpg
Lichipan x LandroverPolo-6.jpg
Lichipan x LandroverPolo-7.jpg
Lichipan x LandroverPolo-11.jpg
Lichipan x LandroverPolo-17.jpg
Lichipan x LandroverPolo-18.jpg
Lichipan x LandroverPolo-24.jpg
Lichipan x LandroverPolo-12.jpg
Lichipan x LandroverPolo-19.jpg
Lichipan x LandroverPolo-44.jpg
Lichipan x LandroverPolo-3.jpg
Lichipan x LandroverPolo-14.jpg

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