Discovering the Secrets Behind Bennelong's Signature Dishes

Time is the most precious resource we have - so learning to enjoy meaningful memories with people we care about most has become a major priority to me over the years. I decided to bring my partner to learn the secrets behind Bennelong’s signature dishes with me and it was a memorable one to say the least!

During the 45 minute masterclass with Brian Murray the Sous-Chef at the Cured & Cultured counter, we were lucky enough to enjoy 3 entrees whilst learning about the source of Bennelong’s ingredients and how the team would prepare their signature dishes. After watching the intricacies of shucking an oyster, preparing red claw yabbies and layering the smoked eggplant salad, we then took a seat in The Circle dining room for our main course and dessert, specially selected by the chef and paired with premium Australian wines.

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We had the pleasure of meeting Sous-Chef, Brian Murray, who moved to Sydney from Ireland. Whilst working under his uncle’s mentorship his passion for cooking grew from a young age. After graduating from culinary school, Brian returned to work with his uncle prior to moving and working at Bennelong. He has since been at Bennelong for 3.5 years. A special thank you for taking the time to teach us the intricate secrets behind the Bennelong menu.

1PM – Masterclass and entrée will be served

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“Yabbies have always been a big part of the menu as well as the edible flowers. We take pride in our produce and always ensure everything is up to a high standard.

Nobody wants to discover an oyster shell in their mouth, because that’s all that you’ll remember at the end of the experience!”

-Brian Murray

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1:40PM – 2:40PM Chef explains the main and desserts and dishes are be served

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3PM – Good bye from Chef

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Experience has a minimum of 2 and maximum of 16 participants

  • Experience dates and menu are subject to availability

  • Purchase price is per person ($275)

  • Masterclass is usually conducted by Head Chef Rob Cockerill, but may also be conducted by another Bennelong Head Chef.

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