Milton Surf & Stables

'Never miss an opportunity to see something beautiful' my grandpa had said to me before his unexpected passing. Those hauntingly beautiful words have stayed with me for the last eight years since he left us.

Similar to my grandpa, I have always believed that life's not meant to be lived in one place and I couldn't have been more grateful to leave the chaotic, grey city behind for a much needed weekend away. Upon arrival we were greeted by a narrow country lane, devoid of traffic and as we meandered through the Milton farmland we discovered a charming house nestled amongst the greenery bathing in the glimmer of the dissipating Winter sun. 

As I unloaded the Range Rover I couldn't help but feel an intense kind of calmness and was pleasantly surprised with the morning drop off of fresh farm eggs from the chickens in the back yard from Mal. The interior of the home had a charismatic and rustic charm to it and I couldn't help but fall in love with the white-washed dining table in the barn. Milton Surf & Stables was previously a set of horse stables and was converted into a luxury, four-bedroom country home by Collette Dinnigan and her husband, Bradley. With no access to wifi on the property - I took this rare opportunity to tech-detox and managed to catch up on precious sleep as well as that little novel I had put off for so long. Also - on a side note i'd like to say a special thank you to one of my closest friends Koentadyy for coming on this little adventure with me. Friends who continuously pull through for you every single time, don't let them go.

Learn to fall in love with the little moments and remember - things will fall into place when they're supposed to. Learn to trust the timing of your life. 

Outfit Details:  Miléa

Outfit Details: Miléa

Car Details: Range Rover Evoque HSE

Car Details: Range Rover Evoque HSE


Range Rover EVOQUE HSE

72A Slaughterhouse Road
just 1km south of the town of Milton.
It takes roughly 3 hours from Sydney.

Can be made here

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