Perth Diary

I was really thankful that I got to spend some quality time exploring my best friend's childhood city. She'd been nagging me for quite sometime to pay her a visit and I was really glad that I finally made this trip!

The five hour flight from Sydney to Perth always seemed to put me off funnily enough. As the amount of time taken to fly from one side of Australia to the other is technically the same amount (if not less) to fly to New Zealand, Fiji or even Bali. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful  and livable this city was and am pretty much convinced that if I wasn't living in Sydney, it'd most certainly be Perth believe it or not!

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, the most underrated city in all of Australia in my opinion. During my short four-day-stay everyday was sunny with clear blue skies. I ate at the most delicious café's and restaurants with the freshest local produce. A city filled with multiple green parks, free public buses, restaurant menus with organic, locally sourced produce and wine, trendy bars located in old heritage buildings and vintage cinema's to pop-up everything from trendy markets to yoga. I'll be back for you shortly, Perth. I promise.


I decided to see what all the hype and fuss was about and made a quick pitt stop at Chu Bakery. I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty the cream puffs were. The trio of flavours included matcha, strawberry and chocolate. Definitely give all three a go! I was pleased that the texture was light and fluffy and that the sugar content wasn't overbearing! Highly recommend this place!

Muffle & Co

Egg waffles are one of my favorite childhood snacks to date! Decided to pay Fremantle markets a visit and it brought back so much sweet memories for me. Definitely a meal on its own! ;)  

This pretty-as-a-picture pastel pink shipping container is smack bang in the middle of the Perth Cultural Centre! 

Uncle Jack Gelato! A must visit! 


Photography: Li-Chi Pan


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