Linen Bedding meets Monogramming.

There are few things nicer than fresh bedding and this Summer it is all about pure linen. I love the contemporary idea of mixing 100% French linen pillowcases with a personalised word on the corner. With a big focus on bringing back traditional craft of embroidery all linen pillowcases are designed to be embroided with whatever you please. Whether it be your initials, sayings or your favourite lyrics from Drake - go crazy! 

Have a look below on my Spring Style guide for my room and how I manage to bring in linen into my home with the ever-so-stylish R&R Bedding from Bondi. 

Step 1.gif
Step 2.gif
Step 3.gif

rrbedding_lichipan (10 of 18).jpg
rrbedding_lichipan (15 of 18).jpg
rrbedding_lichipan (12 of 18).jpg

Photography & Styling: Li-Chi Pan
Videography: Arvin Prem Kumar