Sisley Hydra-Global Serum

After seeing this product pop up on my feed quite frequently this month, I decided to try the Sisley Hydra-Global Serum. Because I travel a fair bit for work, I'm always on the look out for new products which are able to immediately hydrate, soothe and plump up dry skin. I've found that flying really damages my skin, so I always try to keep my skin hydrated when I'm out and about. 

Sisley Hydra-Global Serum, $290.

Sisley Hydra-Global Serum, $290.

This serum is the perfect 'instant rescue' moisture surge for my dehydrated skin. It's made from gentle botanicals which don't irritate sensitive skin, and is great to have on hand for those occasional 'dry skin emergencies.'

My favourite feature is the hygienic pump as it ensures you are applying just the right amount of product, and will last you a while before it comes to and end. 


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