Dear Lover,

Sometimes people come into our lives so suddenly, we forget how quickly they can also leave. Those walls that we took so long to erect come crumbling down, and we allow them to see a side of us not many people are able to see. Imagining that someone wants to see - maybe even love the real and flawed side of us is such an incredible feeling that we are often willing to lose ourselves in trying to hold onto people who are committed to potentially letting us go. We disregard other relationships because we're too busy romanticising one, and forget about our ambitions and dreams. It's so important to keep a realistic perspective on things; to trust the process, and trust the struggles. 

It's been a year since we went our own ways and I realised that subconsciously putting his happiness before my own made me compromise and neglect my own goals. It's not selfish to realise the most important person is yourself. It's alright to focus and do you.

This brand was launched with one clear and very simple mission. To promote crazy, beautiful, wild, enormous love. For yourself. When I was gifted these rings, I was perplexed on what the special occasion was. However, I was told that sometimes I get too caught up in the people around me - making them feel as loved as possible, worrying about their dilemmas that I forget to treasure myself. A ring symbolises commitment, so this ring was her reminder for me to love and give time to myself.

PersonalLi-Chi Pan