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It feels as if it were only yesterday when I was graduating from the University of Sydney. I distinctly remember how nervous I was as my future had never seemed more unclear. I was astounded that five years of consecutive all nighters and model building had surmounted to a simple piece of paper with my credentials to certify that I was a graduate of Architecture. 

I was sitting on approximately 15,000 followers at the time of my graduation and little did I know that fast forward one and a half years later, I would be sitting on 400,000 new Instagram followers.

I'm still incredibly humbled sometimes that people manage  my audience finds joy in the imagery I create, even if it's only for a mere second or two. I decided to celebrate this new milestone by throwing together a beautiful feast inspired by Spring and lamb. Having grown up in South Africa—eating lamb has been a big part of my culture and I couldn't wait to celebrate with the people who have stood by and supported me from the very beginning. I truly love the idea that lamb brings people together.

Whether it's a homemade Sunday roast with friends and family, or a lamb barbeque—it’s the meat that brings everyone together! Sometimes Sharing a meal can be the best way to connect with people. We live in a digital era where we spend so much time online, whether it be double tapping an image on Instagram or sharing a video off  from Youtube or replying to that wall message on Facebook—I have come to learn to take time out and be 'offline.' To truly enjoy the company of those around you and step away from being on your phone. 

Remember to be present and to enjoy the moment with those you love most.

When hosting this beautiful event I decided to use FeedUp -  which is a perfect platform bringing people together through unique dining experiences in their community. On FeedUp, you can host your own pop-up dining event or browse various listings and book a seat to someone else's. I decided to host a private event to celebrate hitting 400 000 followers on instagram which my guests could RSVP to. 


I decided to prepare this beautiful roasted lamb with homemade vegetables! My brother and I decided to whip up a massive spread consisting of a beautiful roasted lamb shoulder, a lamb inspired pizza, garden salad, cheese boards as well as lamb burgers and pies. There are lots of fantastic lamb recipes that are simple to prepare and cook which makes entertaining easy with lamb! 

Try hosting your own lamb feast this Spring at home with friends and family and let me know in the comments below or on Instagram how it went!


STYLING & Photography: LI CHI PAN & Vinh Pham

For mouth-watering lamb cooking inspiration, head to www.weloveourlamb.com.au



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