72 Hours in Tokyo with Hermès

Monday 9th July 2018


Arrive in Tokyo Haneda, Japan.

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Check-in at Palace Hotel Tokyo,
Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ku.

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Lunch at New York Grill & Bar in Shinjuku

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Visiting the Mori Museum 

Image by:   Kohki

Image by: Kohki

Tuesday 10th July 2018

An exclusive visit to Ginza Maison Hermes,

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This 12-mete building housing the Tokyo flagship store of the French fashion house is built from 13,000 custom-fabricated glass blocks.  Ginza is renown for being a trendy hotspot with shops that were founded over a hundred years ago.

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Art in Ginza.

This art space is located on the eighth floor of the Hermès flagship store. The surrounding building is constructed from glass blocks allowing soft light to filter through and open up the space, while the high ceiling also makes this the perfect venue for installations. 

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Wednesday 11th July 2018

Meet in hotel Lobby by shuttle to Enoura Observatory

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Arrive at Enoura Observatory.

Set across 60,000 square meters of land, the Enoura Observatory is a performance space, gallery and art installation in its own right. I was completely mesmerised by the view we were greeted with upon arrival.

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The Illusion of Architecture

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 “This is the first memory I have from childhood, from a spot just down there. This was the beginning of my own consciousness, the starting point of my mind. It was the first time I wondered about who I am, a question I am still asking myself. Somehow, I was guided back here.”
Artist Hiroshi Sugimoto

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Depart Tokyo Haneda, Japan for Sydney

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