My Hyatt Memory

I was invited to stay at the Park Hyatt Sydney this week to celebrate their much anticipated campaign #MyHyattMemory. I was also encouraged to share and create my own personal memories at this beautiful harbourside residence. 

Perched on the edge of the vividly, blue waterfront I made my way to the hotel with one of my oldest and closest friends, Koen. We ordered a beautiful breakfast spread of fried eggs, spinach, pancakes and freshly cut watermelon and dined in front of the beautiful Opera House. The sunrise was mesmerising to say the least. 

We're often so caught up in the chaos of our everyday lives that we forget to take a bit of a breather. Thank you to the hospitable staff. I can never fault my stay here - the service, cleanliness of the rooms, rooftop pool and perfect views of the iconic Harbour Bridge & Opera House are just a few reasons as to why the Hyatt is my favourite hotel of all time. You guys did a perfect job at helping me destress.

I'd highly recommend booking a night with your loved one.



Checking In

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Current beauty obsession! Syrene Skincare collection from NZ

Ordering Breakfast for Dinner - Because... why not?

lichipan x DJs-48.jpg

Pancakes are a must!

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Photography: Li-Chi Pan