learn yourself, love yourself.

Hope you're all easing into your Monday! 

Just wanted to drop in with a little post to remind you to treat yourself right. It's actually quite easy to get lost in your busy daily routine and to prioritise work over eating clean and working out. Besides who wouldn't opt for a lazy evening with Pizza and Netflix? I'd take that over a kale shake and sweaty gym session anyday. 

Working full time in the Media industry also means attending plenty of events (eating and drinking rather recklessly might I add) and finishing late hours. I was living a lifestyle which involved dining out on the regular with weekly treats in the office such as cupcakes, cheese platters and cake deliveries - the notion of 'eating clean' was practically non-existent in my vocabulary. It wasn't up until recently - that my brother pointed out how unhealthy my lifestyle was and that I needed to start taking care of myself and my body better. 

He reminded me to become a better version of myself by focusing on my progression and to work out and eat clean to help me move forward. I decided to follow through with 'eating clean' and to make it a daily habit to hit up the gym. People often equate clean eating with sacrifice, but it's actually about finding alternatives to unhealthy food. I've fallen off the clean-eating band wagon a couple of time- but it's not a crime to indulge in that burger or doughnut once in a while (everything in moderation). The key to clean eating is aiming to eat healthy most of the time whilst still being quite flexible about it.

Here's a healthy meal I wanted to share with you guys. Hope you enjoy it! xx 


Avocado Rose & egg on toasted sour dough with light cream cheesE

Drizzle Balsamico & add chilli flakes on avocado rose for flavour

Drizzle Balsamico & add chilli flakes on avocado rose for flavour


All Ingredients can be sourced from: WOOLWORTHS AUSTRALIA