An American Express Experience with The Killers

To celebrate the launch of American Express’ new ‘Powerful Backing: Don’t Do Business/ Don’t Live Life Without It’, AMEX is backing a thriving music scene in Australia with the American Express Music Backers Program, a $1 million commitment to Australia’s music industry. Kicking off with a one-night-only gig with The Killers, I was given a chance to fully immerse myself and experience the incredible sounds of the multi-award-winning band up-close and personal. Having listened to The Killers since I was fifteen - I was extremely excited to hear the hit songs Mr. Brightside and Human live

Music plays a key role in our everyday lives. I've always turned to music when I'm feeling slightly run down or in need of a mood booster - and for AMEX to celebrate and back music both locally as well as globally and bringing some amazing gigs to small, iconic music venues such as Selina's in Coogee. 

There were 400 tickets up for grabs, which were given away via a competition. I'm so lucky to have gotten two tickets and been given a chance to relive my nostalgic childhood days! Here's to the #AmexLife 

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Outfit: AJE


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Photography: Arvin Prem Kumar

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