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I've been on-the-go travelling for a little over a month now so it was comforting to finally be back in Sydney. Samsung decided to do a launch for #HomeofBrilliance in the heart of Bondi in a contemporary abode with a picturesque view of the ocean this month. We were joined by the lovely duo from Bondi Harvest who had the opportunity to stay at the Samsung Home. Guy Turland from Bondi Harvest stated that, 'he loved his stay, the technology and how it connected the entire house.' I'm really excited to share some of my favourite details from the evening with you. 

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The Perks of Using a Samsung Family Hub 3.0 Fridge

  • Shop on the spot. Order groceries directly from Woolworths at any time using the Woolworths shopping App on the Family Hub.

  • Built-in-cameras also allow you to see what's inside your refrigerator at any place, any time, using  your smartphone.

  • You can create profiles for each family member, with customised avatars that sync calendars, memos and to-do lists on your Family Hub

  • Watch TV on the touchscreen! Yes please! 

  • Enjoy the convenience of voice-activated controls by adding items to your shopping list, playing music through the music apps with your voice.

  • Customise your home screen and upload photos from your phone, straight to your Family Hub.

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Location: Campbell Parade

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Photography: Michaela Lynn Taylor
Edits & Words: Li-Chi Pan

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