Enjoying a Suite Fashion Week Treat

I was lucky enough to have been invited to stay in this split-level suite by Adelaide-based fashion label C/MEO COLLECTIVE this week for MBFW 2018. Upon my swift check-in I was greeted by a beautiful suite, pastel colours and beautiful prints on the wall. The lovely team at C/MEO prepared an array of vividly coloured outfits for me. Thank you for preparing the beautiful garments! 


lichipan x Oovolo-11.jpg
lichipan x Oovolo-29.jpg
lichipan x Oovolo-30.jpg
lichipan x Oovolo-9.jpg
lichipan x Oovolo-56.jpg
lichipan x Oovolo-19.jpg


As you walk through the front room of the suite you are greeted with a giant hammock swing seat, stand-up bar as well as loft-style-lounge-room with a perfect view of the marina outside. 

lichipan x Oovolo-66.jpg
lichipan x Oovolo-64.jpg

Or you could head up the stairs to the mezzanine bedroom which is complete with a giant walk-in wardrobe, leading to the chicest monochrome bathroom I have ever seen.

lichipan x Oovolo-33.jpg
lichipan x Oovolo-37.jpg
lichipan x Oovolo-61.jpg

Getting ready for dinner with my Dyson 

lichipan x Oovolo-41.jpg


A special thank you to Ovolo Woolloomooloo and C/MEO Collective for having me!