Five Places to Eat in Versailles


Versailles is the third most-visited place in France after the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower and has slowly grown into a great food destination. During my last visit to Versailles dining typically consisted of sandwiches and salads however, the culinary reputation of Versailles has upped its game with talented chefs such as Gordon Ramsay opening restaurants which attract even local Parisians. 

A sampling of recent dishes from breakfast, lunch and dinner in Versailles left me craving for more. 


01.  Trianon Palace Versailles, In-Room Dining


02. Trianon Palace Versailles, La Véranda


03. Picnic in the Gardens of Trianon Palace Versailles.

I picked a spot close to the edge of Louis XIV's Royal Domain with views of the Chateau de Versailles. I had a delicious lunch made up of cheese platters, avocado salads, baguettes, berry salads and salmon. 


04. Ladurée Versailles


05. Gordon Ramsay au Trianon

06. Trianon Palace Versailles, La Véranda 

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