Autumn in Versailles


Sitting on the train from Paris to Versailles I could feel the excitement building up as I made my way towards the Trianon Palace, an elegant and iconic hotel located on the fringe of the Royal Domain. This hidden gem is one of France's most beautiful luxury hotels. The Trianon Palace, a Waldorf Astoria hotel, is a brisk walk from the Chateau de Versailles and upon my check-in I was pleasantly surprised with two complimentary tickets courtesy of the hotel to visit. 

After a delicious breakfast spread at La Véranda, I quickly helped myself to some freshly baked French pastries, a cup of strong Americano coffee and a Nutella crepe before heading towards the Chateau de Versailles. After spending a few hours exploring the Chateau de Versailles I managed to walk down a tree lined road to Marie-Antoinette's home. The sandstone house entitled 'Petit Trianon' were built as a little haven for Marie-Antoinette to escape the intense life at court. I was fascinated and in complete awe at the scale of the perfectly symmetrical gardens and the Palace itself. 

Whilst walking back towards the grand doors of the Trianon Palace after a long day of exploring the Chateau de Versailles I was kindly informed by the staff that the story of the hotel began in December, 1907, when entrepreneur Weill Martignan proposed the construction of a luxury hotel in Versailles. Three years later, this grand four-star hotel opened its kind doors to the public.

Living in a hotel with such an extensive history made me feel so lucky to be walking the beautiful corridors whilst dining in restaurants which were over a century old! It's hard not to get sucked into the past and imagine yourself at a ball sipping a glass of champagne whilst dancing on the lawns of this Palace. Versailles and the Trianon Palace are both well worth a visit the next time you're in Paris and have a day to spare. The sheer scale of the hotel is like nothing i've ever experienced before. Grab a room which is so brilliantly close to the Royal Domain you don't have to worry about getting home! 

Trianon Palace Versailles
A Waldorf Astoria Hotel

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Spa Guerlain

Winner of France’s Leading Spa Resort, I was treated to a beautiful and blissful facial at the Spa Guerlain. My beauty therapist gave me a complete customised experience which was unique to my skin type. She also took the time to explain the essence of the Guerlain experience and diagnosed my skin type as well as my expectations from the treatment. From the beginning to the end I felt totally relaxed. 


Château de Versailles


Trianon Palace Versailles
Afternoon Picnic

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