Life Well Travelled with Cathay Pacific for #ParfumsDeVoyage




All opinions – as always – are my own.

When you travel well, you explore with all your senses. Hong Kong is a city filled with sensory wonder. I embarked on a 48-hour journey to create a unique fragrance based on my experiences in Hong Kong. 

Of all our five senses, our sense of smell is the most powerful trigger of memories. Scents can bring back memories faster and stronger than any of our other  senses. During my short stay in Hong Kong I explored the city using my sense of smell. From the green flora of the island to the smokey incense of Man Mo Temple to the green tea found in the crowded teahouses. 

I made my own unique fragrance. A special mention to Cathay Pacific, Shar & Brian for hanging out. 

LCP x CathayPacific - HK-29.jpg
LCP x CathayPacific - HK-1.jpg
Fluffpiece x CathayPacific - HK-7.jpg
 Man Mo Temple 124-126 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan  Shot by @yungflaco

 Man Mo Temple
124-126 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan

Shot by @yungflaco

LCP x CathayPacific - HK-9.jpg
Fluffpiece x CathayPacific - HK-19.jpg
Shot by @sharmainesiu

Shot by @sharmainesiu

Shot by @sharmainesiu

Shot by @sharmainesiu

Fluffpiece x CathayPacific - HK-24.jpg
Fluffpiece x CathayPacific - HK-22.jpg

Photography: Killian Pham

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