Huus Gstaad

We had a short but wonderful stay at Huus Gstaad. You can book your stay by clicking here.

We stayed here for 2 nights. Arriving in the evening we managed to catch a beautiful sunset on our first night. Unfortunately as we had a flight to catch to Paris - we had to depart the Huus at 4am to make our 9am flight as the drive was around 2.5 hours back to Zurich! Despite our short stay here we had a beautiful stay here. The staff were so friendly and accomodating and even upgraded us upon our arrival!

The hotel is located in the Alpine territory. And what better site for a typical Swiss chalet that has been transformed into an elegant, design-forward hotel? The luxurious Huus Gstaad hotel is the vision of Erik Nissen Johansen, a Norwegian architect and designer who focusses on the emotional response created by a place, the service, interiors and experience.

The building perfectly balances the cosy warmth of a chalet with the heady thrills of its mountain environment. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows frame the Alpine scenery at every turn – in fact, every single one of 136 guest rooms offer views from window, balcony or terrace.

I’d highly recommend staying here if you have the opportunity to!

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Checking into the Suite

Spacious but snug to the soul, this is your home away from home. For adventurous families or couples who enjoy the extra space, the 68m² suite comfortably fits up to four persons with ample room for each.

Fitted with single beds, sofa beds, and a large en-suite bathroom to share. Soak up the alpine atmosphere in your very own lounge area, complete with comfy sofas and cosy blankets to snuggle.

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