Private Dining Experience with Reynold Poer

KOI, which stands for 'Kids of Ike', is now operated by three brothers Ronald, Arnold and Reynold Poernomo, who have come together to deliver an experience that arouses and excites the senses. I was excited to finally pay Koi a visit as I had been an avid supporter of Reynold’s journey on Masterchef. I’ve always admired his creativity in crafting imaginative food. I loved going behind the scenes in watching him plate up - and felt lucky to witness his talent in person.

If you’re looking to engage all your senses in a unique fine-dining experience - i’d highly recommend paying KOI Dessert Bar a visit with Chef Reynold Poernomo. You’ll get to try a surprise selection of sweet & savoury dishes with your friends. This experience is exclusive for Mastercard holders.

Mastercard recently relaunched its Priceless Cities program, allowing Australians to uncover ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experiences in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Be sure to book this once-in-a-lifetime fine dining experience!

Arriving at KOI

Mastercard x Koi x lichipan-34.jpg

Forest Bouquet & Tarts

Various garden herbs, rose vinaigrette, vanilla oil & brik pastry

Eggplant, miso, Truffle & Coat’s curd, Pear Caramel

Mastercard x Koi x lichipan-7.jpg

Bubble Tea

Mastercard x Koi x lichipan-8.jpg
Mastercard x Koi x lichipan-9.jpg

Parmesan boba, potato, mushroom tea, porcini

Green Mosaic

Smoked eel, beef fat, coconut, dashi, lettuce, chives

Little Bird

Sneak peek watching head chef Reynold Poernomo plate up the quail breast, pear, celeriac, black currant

Mastercard x Koi x lichipan-20.jpg
Mastercard x Koi x lichipan-18.jpg
Mastercard x Koi x lichipan-28.jpg
Mastercard x Koi x lichipan-31.jpg


Mastercard x Koi x lichipan-38.jpg

Rump cap, turnip, artichoke, leek, eschalot, smoked jus

Black Out

Mastercard x Koi x lichipan-41.jpg
Mastercard x Koi x lichipan-44.jpg

Brown butter, caramelised milk chocolate, caramel


Mastercard x Koi x lichipan-48.jpg

Muscovado, tonka bean, almond sucreé

Galaxy & Taste Invaders

Mastercard x Koi x lichipan-40.jpg

Raspberry rum, grape, lychee, shiso

Mandarin, yuzu, curry, tumeric, white chocolate

A special thank you to the amazing Mastercard team as well as Reynold for making this experience possible!

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