Truffle Season Makes Everything About Winter Better


Three WIlliams has created an entire truffle menu from the month of June! From the delicious sweet potato fries, to the savoury mushroom toasties to the sugary dessert menu! Truffle loaded everything for us carb-lovers is now available! Time to call up the crew I dare say. 

Upon arrival and over much contemplation I opted for the truffle toastie of my dreams loaded with mushrooms sautéed in garlic & parsley, packed full with wilted baby spinach and gruyere cheese, finished off with a friend egg and a generous shaving of truffle goodness. It tasted way better than it even looked! 

Killian, my partner opted for the roasted peking duck angel hair pasta which consisted of a delicious ginger infused cream sauce, parsley, shaved truffle and friend onion crumb! We were dying to try the dessert menu however we had no space left, guess  that means we'll be back sooner than expected! ;)  

Willy's Iced Tea ($6)

 Loaded Mushroom Toastie ($32)

$32, Loaded Mushroom Toastie

$32, Loaded Mushroom Toastie

Roasted Peking Duck Angel Hair Pasta ($35)

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