Hiking Tips for Blue Lake


After two very long years of planning and attempting this hike multiple times Killian finally found the perfect method needed in order to make it to Blue Lake in Winter! With the help from our trusty four wheel Land Rover Discovery we drove seamlessly across the snow covered roads. The seat warmers kept us incredibly warm before we stepped out into the strong relentless winds of the Kosciuszko region. 

After a treacherous eight hour hike we finally made it!Read up on my hiking tips below:

  • This hiking trail leads through an extreme alpine environment and you have to be well prepared. We brought protein snack bards, cans of tuna, sandwiches, lollies and bottles of water to keep us fuelled up and hydrated.
  • During the hike be prepared for extremely cold weather, high winds, sleet, snow, and extreme UV levels and some sections of snow or ice on the ground. I wore black timberland hiking boots and two pairs of warm thermal socks to keep my feet dry and warm during the hike.
  • Before starting this walk remember to check the weather forecast and snow conditions. It's really important to have strong navigation skills as there was low visibility during our hike and tracks and signage were not visible after three or four hours into the hike!
  • Remember to fill your life with adventures, great friends and lifelong memories. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend trip away!
  • We also made our way in a four wheel drive. It's important to use a car that's capable of handling the snowy weather conditions. A special thank you to Land Rover for being a part of this special trip! 

At the lowest point of the the Main Range circuit track is the confluence of the Snowy River and Club Lake Creek. The walking track uses stones in the river to try to get across with dry feet. These creeks may become impassable after rain and snow melt. This is lovely place to rest and enjoy the water and valley.

Photography: Killian Pham, Li-Chi Pan & Arvin Prem Kumar

Location: Kosciuszko National Park

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